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LFY Member Teacher Agreements

Participation in the LFY Member Teacher program constitutes a contract between Little Flower Yoga (referred to as LFY) and the participant, in which the following terms are agreed to:

  1. All materials provided by LFY to participant, and any derivatives of these materials, are owned by LFY exclusively, and participant has the right to use materials only in the teaching of children’s yoga classes during the time they are members in good standing of the LFY teacher member program. Materials include but are not limited to: curriculum, curriculum appendix material, promotional copy, logo and supplemental documents.
  2. LFY grants to participant the non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicenseable right to use the Little Flower Yoga name and logo in the promotion of children’s yoga classes in which the LFY curriculum or five element method of teaching is being used, and the LFY Standards of Excellence are being maintained. Use of the LFY name and logo may be used in a way that illustrates instructors are teaching the LFY program, but does not suggest to the public that any member teacher is representing the larger organization of LFY. Member teachers must maintain their own organizational or personal teaching identity, and may not assume the identity of LFY, or represent to clients that they are contracting with LFY. The LFY logo may not be used as a profile picture on any social media platform, including but not limited to Facebook and twitter. The name Little Flower Yoga may not be incorporated into the business name of any member teacher. In situations in which acceptable use is unclear, member teachers will consult with LFY to obtain usage approval. 
  3. Participant does not have the right to use the Little Flower Yoga name, logo, or any of the provided materials in connection with any other type of teaching, including the training of teachers, or other forms of adult staff development work.
  4. Participant agrees not to share the curriculum or any of the provided materials with any other teachers or persons who are not LFY member teachers.
  5. In the event that the member teacher decides to discontinue membership, all copies of the materials provided will be destroyed, and use of Little Flower Yoga name, logo and curriculum will be discontinued immediately.
  6. Participant shall ensure that all advertising and promotional copy and any other publicly disseminated materials (whether printed, electronic or otherwise), referencing the Little Flower Yoga name, using the LFY logo, or  referencing the provided materials (i) not disparage or diminish the value of the goodwill of the logo or LFY, (ii) be designed and distributed in a manner intended to maintain and enhance the image and reputation of the LFY name/logo, and (iii) be consistent with the Purpose.  At LFY’s reasonable request from time to time, Licensee will provide LFY with any representative advertising and promotional materials bearing or referencing the LFY name/logo so that LFY may confirm that such materials are in compliance with this provision.
  7. Participant agrees that they will not modify the LFY logo in any way during use, and that they will not present the Little Flower Yoga name with any modifications, additions, or deletions, except in following form: Participant Name: A Little Flower Yoga Teacher
  8. Participant agrees that they bear all responsibility for maintaining the safety and well being of their students in their classroom. Participant certifies that they will maintain liability insurance during the full term of participation in the LFY Member Teacher program. LFY bears no responsibility for, or liability of, students under the care of participant.
  9. Participants are fully responsible for contracting with their students and clients, and are responsible for clearly informing those parties that they are contracting with the participant directly, and not with LFY.
  10. LFY retains the right to cancel membership at any time. Violation of the previous terms, or the LFY Teaching Standards of Excellence will result in immediate cancelation of member benefits.

LFY Standards of Excellence

All LFY Member Teachers shall adhere in every way possible to the following high standards, so that all our students can safely and effectively benefit from the LFY curriculum.

  1. Respect for all children: All students shall be treated in a compassionate, loving manner that respects their individuality, their learning styles, their autonomy and enhances their capacity for self-confidence and self-respect. Positive classroom management strategies that support children in feeling safe and included shall be used whenever possible.
  2. Respect for cultural, racial, ethnic, religious and linguistic differences: All children, parents, teachers and other community members shall be treated with respect regardless of the above differences. Every effort will be made to be aware of and sensitive to the culture of the community.
  3. Respect for the separation of church and state: The LFY curriculum is a tools based, skill building program that is 100% secular. All teachers shall honor the secular nature of the curriculum, and will not make any additions to it that might violate this commitment, or cause confusion or discomfort in the larger community. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of Om and Namaste when teaching classes in schools.
  4. Honesty in all interactions with respect to training, certification and qualifications: Because of the limited regulation and oversight in the children’s yoga community, all teachers must hold themselves to exceptionally high standards of integrity. Teachers must be completely transparent about their qualifications and training with all administrators, and parents, and be willing to refer to other specialists if needed.

By clicking Confirm Membership below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the Teacher Agreement and Standards of Excellence above.

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