Trauma Informed Teaching: Resilience, Recovery, and Growth (6 content hours)

Join LFY founder Jennifer Cohen Harper for this four part webinar series. Gain a greater understanding of the phyisological and neurological effects of trauma, the relationship between trauma and behavior, and learn how yoga and mindfulness practices can support healing and boost protective factors.

Explore how we can help those who are recovering from or experiencing trauma build an increased sense of safety in their body and in community. Build resilience to help students navigate and better recover from difficult situations that may arise in the future.  Help all of the children in your life thrive.

This course was recorded live in 2018, and is offered here as four 90 minute webinars, with a downloadable pdf manual. This course is offered periodically as a live webcast, with Q&A opportunities. If you'd like to learn more about joining in live, visit our events page and click on "live webinars." 

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