Chair Yoga for Educators and Clinicians (6 content hours)

Get Kids Moving and Ready to Learn!

How can you bring the benefits of yoga to students, when your school simply doesn’t have enough space? Chair yoga makes it possible. This experiential online course teaches simple and effective chair-based practices you can immediately bring to students, incorporating movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation. Includes a wealth of take-away resources to support your learning and implementation, plus bonus tools to deepen your personal practice. 

  • What: Engaging online instruction in 4 sessions (6 hours total) + course materials 
  • When: Anytime you want! Learn from home at your own pace, but if you have questions join us for occasional “live” online Q&A sessions with the instructor. All participants will receive invitations as these calls are scheduled
  • Tuition: $145
  • Who: This course is best suited for classroom teachers, school based clinicians, yoga instructors and mindfulness educators. All others who work with children are welcome to join (including parents). 


Children today sit still for developmentally inappropriate periods of time. Many schools are increasing rigor and standardized tests, while decreasing time for physical education. In addition, many schools lack space for activities like yoga, and transitioning students in and out of classrooms can be time consuming and complicated. 

Chair yoga is an effective and sustainable way to bring daily yoga practice to children and adolescents in a classroom setting, without the need for additional space or yoga mats. 


  • Create and implement chair yoga sequences to meet the needs of children and adolescents.
  • Teach a variety of yoga poses, breath work, mindfulness and relaxation practices to students seated in chairs or using chairs as supports.
  • Understand how movement connects to learning, and how chair yoga powerfully compliments mindfulness programs, providing meaningful benefits and engaging experiences for students. 
  • Implement strategies that support both student and teacher self-care and wellness.
  • Articulate the benefits of chair yoga to a school.


  • 6 hours of engaging online instruction 
  • 70-page manual featuring 65+ chair yoga poses and activities
  • Sample class sequences
  • Chair yoga class planning templates
  • 3 personal practice videos
  • 3 audio recordings for personal practice
  • Log sheets for personal practice


Week 1: Understanding the Value of Mindful Movement in School and Clinical Settings
Week 2: Targeting Body Parts That Suffer from Prolonged Sitting
Week 3: Fostering Dynamic Chair Yoga Experiences: Integrating Breathing and Mindfulness Activities
Week 4: Getting Creative: Fostering Restorative and Restful Experiences in the Chair


Mayuri Gonzalez is a nationally recognized presenter, trainer and instructor in mindfulness and children’s yoga. She has more than 25 years of experience practicing yoga and mindfulness, and provides therapeutic yoga classes to children and families as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness classes in schools and community centers. In her role as director of the School Yoga Project for Little Flower Yoga, Mayuri trains and mentors teachers, counselors and school support staff nationwide and directs programming to serve over 9,000 children in the NYC area each year. She is a contributing author to Best Practices for Yoga in Schools, co-author of Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens Card Deck and a presenter for PESI, offering continuing education to educators and health care providers.  

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