An Exploration of Secularism When Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness in Public Schools (75 min)

Join LFY founder Jennifer Cohen Harper, with special guest Catherine Cook-Cottone, Univerity of Buffalo Professor and founder of Yogis in Service, to explore guiding questions to reflect on as you...

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Practices to Manage Anxiety and Navigate Challenges (90 min)

When children can’t cope, challenges become stressors, and anxiety replaces anticipation. Our kids can’t enjoy childhood to the fullest, and their long-term resilience is compromised. This 90...

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Working with Teens - Creating Engaging Mindfulness Experiences for Adolescents

This webinar will offer practical and meaningful activities and resources so that you can effectively engage your teens in ways that support them and help them thrive. Ideal for classroom teachers,...

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Breathwork Practices to Regulate Energy Level and Arousal in Children & Adolescents (90 Mins)

Helping children regulate their energy and arousal level is key to their capacity to improve self-regulation and engage fully with their lives at school and at home. Our breath offers us a powerful...

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Yoga & Mindfulness Based Practices to Support Children & Adolescents with ADHD (90 Mins)

Children with ADHD have tremendous inner resources that they can learn to harness in support of their own well-being and to improve their capacity for increased attention and reduced impulsivity. This...

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Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents Webinar (6 Hours)

Improve Emotional Regulation and Increase Attention Six hour webinar. Continuing Education Credits Available for Counselors, Teachers/Educators, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses,...

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Online Courses

Chair Yoga for Educators and Clinicians (6 content hours)

How can you bring the benefits of yoga to students, when your school simply doesn’t have enough space? Chair yoga makes it possible. This experiential online course teaches simple and effective chair-based practices you can immediately bring to students, incorporating movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation. Includes a wealth of take-away resources to support your learning and implementation, plus bonus tools to deepen your personal practice.

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Trauma Informed Teaching: Resilience, Recovery, and Growth (6 content hours)

Join LFY founder Jennifer Cohen Harper for this four part webinar series. Gain a greater understanding of the phyisological and neurological effects of trauma, the relationship between trauma and behavior, and learn how yoga and mindfulness practices can support healing and boost protective factors. Explore how we can help those who are recovering from or experiencing trauma build an increased sense of safety in their body and in community. Build resilience to help students navigate and better recover from difficult situations that may arise in the future. Help all of the children in your life thrive.

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Online Mentorship Program (Certification Participants Only)

Mentorship is an essential part of your teacher training, and an opportunity for you to put what you have learned into context and practice teaching in a supportive and intentional way. Our online mentorship program is designed to fit into your life no matter where you are located, or what your schedule is like. You can sign up for this program at any point in your training, and can do it anywhere you have internet and access to children! PLEASE NOTE: This course is designed for people participating in the Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training, and not as a stand-alone program.

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