School Based Yoga: Building Strong Relationships to Support Sustainable Programs (1 Hour)

Best Practices for Yoga in Schools Webinar Series Join Best Practices for Yoga in Schools editors Traci Childress and Jennifer Cohen Harper to explore the lessons learned through creating the Yoga Service Best Practices Guide. This...

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Breathwork Practices to Regulate Energy Level and Arousal in Children & Adolescents (90 Mins)

Helping children regulate their energy and arousal level is key to their capacity to improve self-regulation and engage fully with their lives at school and at home. Our breath offers us a powerful tool that works directly with our nervous system in...

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Yoga & Mindfulness Based Practices to Support Children & Adolescents with ADHD (90 Mins)

Children with ADHD have tremendous inner resources that they can learn to harness in support of their own well-being and to improve their capacity for increased attention and reduced impulsivity. This seminar will help the body and nervous system of...

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Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Children and Adolescents Webinar (6 Hours)

Improve Emotional Regulation and Increase Attention Six hour webinar. Continuing Education Credits Available for Counselors, Teachers/Educators, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists & Occupational Therapy...

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Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga for Children Webinar (1 Hour)

Gain a deeper understanding of the physiology of childhood trauma, and how it may manifest in your students. Learn how you can support their sense of safety in the yoga room, as well as practices to increase resilience and promote healing. ...

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