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Teacher Training

Comprehensive certification in yoga and mindfulness for children and youth.

Why Should You Choose to Train with Little Flower Yoga?

Our Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive certification in yoga and mindfulness practices for children and youth ages 3 to 18. Registered with Yoga Alliance, training focuses on the complete physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of students. Gain a greater understanding of the relationship between the brain, nervous system, and body, and how yoga and mindfulness can support effective integration and function. Participants will leave training with the tools to help children connect to themselves & their community, access the calming power of their breath, develop focus & concentration, feel strong and confident through physical movement, and learn how to nurture themselves through relaxation.

Learn a clear, structured framework, based on our five element methodology, that will allow you to teach an integrated experience of yoga and mindfulness in any setting. Explore the challenges of teaching in school environments, studios, and community spaces. Gain practical information about how to set up new classes, navigate relationships with schools, manage challenging behavior, serve the needs of diverse populations, teach with trauma sensitivity, and much more.

You will leave this training with a deeper understanding of child development, the capacity and confidence to create lesson plans that meet children’s needs, and the knowledge to teach in a safe, engaging, and compassionate way.

  • Absolute commitment to highest quality programming
  • Learn compassionate classroom management skills
  • Gain insight into teaching diverse populations
  • Learn to create your own lesson plans and curriculum
  • Comprehensive combination of yoga & mindfulness practices
  • Receive ongoing support as you build your career

Training Intensives

Children's Yoga Teacher Certification

Join one of the most comprehensive, professional and joy filled Children's Yoga Teacher Training programs available. This is a three level program, and you are welcome to take them individually or collectively (along with additional requirements) for full certification. Each level of training is taught as a two day intensive at one of our partner locations around the world. Level One-Three are also taught as a seven day intensive each summer at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY, and occassionally in other special locations.

We also teach two additional one day modules: Chair Yoga for Children and Adolescents, and Trauma Informed Teaching: Practices of Resilience, Recovery and Growth. These are offered both as live programs at select locations, and as online courses. 

Full certification with LFY requires participation in all three levels of training, participation in either the live or online chair and trauma trainings, plus our mentorship program and required reading and writing, and meets Yoga Alliance requirements for RCYT training. Registration with Yoga Alliance is subject entirely to their policies, and requires having an additional 200 hour teacher training. We suggest reviewing their requirements directly as they may be subject to change. Those not interested in Yoga Alliance registration are still eligible for Little Flower Yoga Certification.  

    Level One: Foundations of Children's Yoga: Creating Safe and Engaging Experiences Learn More
    Level Two: The Developing Child: Connection, Compassion and Creativity Learn More
    Level Three: Advanced Teaching Practice and Curriculum Development Learn More
    Trauma Informed Teaching: Practices of Resilience, Recovery and Growth
    Chair Yoga for Children and Adolescents: Sustainable Options for Classrooms and Clinicians
Check out the short video below for a full overview of our training requirements, along with more information about Yoga Alliance Registration. 


Pricing and Scholarships

Pricing based on location. Click on locations to confirm pricing.

We offer a limited number of 50% tuition scholarships for our trainings. Scholarships are based on need, and we receive more applications than we can fullfil. Thank you for your understanding. CLICK HERE to apply.  Scholarships are offered off of a full registration price, and can not be combined with any other discount. Scholarships are awarded 2 months before the beginning of the Level One Trainings so applying early is advised. Scholarships are not available at Princeton Center for Yoga and Health or Kaia Yoga. 

Please Note for Omega Teacher Training: For any Omega Week Long Teacher Training scholarships, please click HERE to for the scholarship application. For our AOLRC Week Long Teacher Training in NC scholarships, please call: 800-392-6870.

For more information about each of these trainings, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions, download the pdf to the right.

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Mentorship Program

Gain experience in a school class

Our mentorship program is an opportunity for you to bring your training to life and experience what yoga in a classroom really feels like. We offer two options for mentorship, an online program and a live program.  

*Please note that you will need to be complete this within a 6 month timeframe and we ask that you begin only when you know you are ready for the commitment.

Online Mentorship: This is a video based program where you will watch classes in action, listen to a recording of the teacher's thoughts on the class, watch bonus video footage covering some important teaching topics, and practice teaching your own live group of children. You will receive lots of support via email and phone during the process. 


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Live Mentorship: Live mentorship is available by application only and offered on a first come first serve basis.  The program runs only during a school-year timeframe and if there is not a class available you have the option to do the online program. If accepted, each participant is matched with a senior mentor teacher based on their schedule and interests. You will spend time observing, assisting and teaching in a school yoga program, and have the opportunity to receive feedback on your teaching. You can begin live mentorship after completing Level 1 and 2 or training. Live mentorship includes 18 hours of in-school time, and approximately 2 hours of discussion and feedback. Because of the many factors involved (such as class schedules and training particpant schedules) Little Flower Yoga cannot guarentee a live mentorship arrangement. If a live mentorship cannot be arranged you always have the option of completing the online mentorship option in which you are still placed with a Senior Mentor Teacher and have the convenience of completing the program in your own timeframe that best suits you.  

Tuition: The cost for either program is $300. Mentorship is required for full Yoga Alliance certification.


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One Day Continuing Education Workshops

The essentials of children's yoga & mindfulness

One day workshops offer you the most essential elements of teaching yoga to children. These workshops do not provide certification, but they give you activities that you can use right away with your students, clients or your own children, and participants can earn Continuing Education credits in many fields, including Counselors, SWs, Psys, MFTs, OTs, SLPs, Educators, Nurses, and Yoga Teachers.


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Visit The School Yoga Project to learn more about our Staff Development offerings for schools and community centers.

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