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Mindful Mondays

Free Resource to Start Your Week Grounded and Inspired!

Simple Weekly Content for You and Your Students 

Mindful Mondays is an initiative started by the School Yoga Project to support schools worldwide in creating and sustaining a mindful culture and community. This program is a FREE resource for schools meant to foster a habit of mindfulness, grounded in simple and practical tools to encourage teachers, parents, clinicians, and students to practice mindfulness and engage in regular self-care and inquiry. 

The program was designed for: 

  • Classroom teachers, clinicians, and administrators who want to support a personal mindfulness practice
  • Classroom teachers interested in including mindfulness-based practices and transitional tools in their classrooms to support self-awareness, learning readiness, social emotional learning initiatives, and positive classroom culture and climate
  • Parents interested in learning more about mindfulness and how to support themselves and their children at home

When you sign up, you’ll receive: 

  • An orientation email with suggestions for implementation, additional resources, and a program overview.  
  • A weekly email (Sunday evening for 6 weeks) with mindfulness tips for teachers, video or audio instructions for the practice of the week for you and for your students, and content that can be included in school newsletters, on social media, or shared in staff meetings or assemblies.  
  • 12 video or audio practices that can be adapted for student or teacher use.

Start the week out grounded and inspired and keep the practice alive all week until next Monday! We hope this program will give you the support you need to get a regular mindfulness practice established in your school, classroom, or home. 



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