Sally Bruhim

I am a mother of three and a School Psychologist. I began practicing yoga in high school and really found that it helped me through many difficult situations in my life.  This included techniques for both my mental and physical health.

Working as a School Psychologist, I have noticed that there is a disconnect with our youth when it comes to connecting our physical and mental health.  I used many of my counseling sessions to connect my student’s goals with simple yoga techniques.  I found that it was very helpful to the student.  It has helped with my own children at home as well.  They have been able to generalize their practice at home to many situations in their life as well.  On the first day of Kindergarten, my son came home upset and declared that he would not be returning to school ever again.  I decided to let him cool down before we discussed his day.  The next thing I knew, as I was passing his room, he had taken out a yoga mat and began to do some simple movements that we had done together many times before.  When he was finished, he came to find me and was able to share his fears and experience of his first day of school in a calm and clear way.  This was the reason I decided to become more knowledgeable in teaching yoga and obtained my certification through Little Flower Yoga.

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School Psychologist

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