Christine Ciampini

Christine Ciampini has always had a passion to help kids and teens find confidence in themselves and believe in their abilities to achieve great things. She has worked with youth in diverse environments, including as a speaker at the Global Kids Annual Youth Conference, as an after-school tutor, and as an assistant teacher of a 3rd grade dance class. In the past several years, Christine has worked at various human rights organizations, and she has continually thought about how the principles of tolerance, compassion, peace and collaboration could be taught to kids and teens. As she deepened her practice of yoga, she realized that it could create an environment where that was possible. Christine received her children’s yoga certification from Little Flower Yoga, which provided her with an invaluable toolkit of yoga activities and mindfulness practices. As a children’s yoga teacher, Christine’s goal is to create a space where kids and teens can fully express themselves without being judged or discriminated against, and where they can learn to use their breath and movement to find peace and happiness in their everyday lives.



Nassau, Bahamas

Certification Level:
LFY Level 3

Ages Taught:
Pre-K - Teens

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