Renee Metty

Renee’s natural ability with young children spans back 20 plus years.  With years of experience with children both in and out of the classroom, Renee has found movement a very important part of their development.  She founded a mindfulness-based, Montessori inspired preschool in Seattle, WA that integrates yoga and movement into their day.  As a graduate of the Mindful Schools year long certification, Renee was introduced to Little Flower Yoga.  Quickly she brought the 5 elements of LFY into the classroom.  Her commitment to keeping the mind body connection that young children already have a part of their daily lives is essential.  Renee’s work at the preschool has taken her around the country to bring mindfulness to schools, organizations and beyond.



Seattle, WA

Certification Level:
LFY Level 3

Ages Taught:
3-8 years old


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