Elizabeth Macisco

Elizabeth is extremely happy to be a part of Little Flower Yoga. 

She is currently completing the mentorship phase of her certification which includes the study of Little Flower Yoga, personal practice, writing and teaching classes.  Having a background in yoga, transformation, dance, music and martial arts, Elizabeth brings a well rounded experience to her students.  Classes are individual or group, all ages.

Elizabeth has an MBA in Marketing Communications from Fordham University and has worked in both for-profit and non-profit organizations., including Kirpalu Center for Yoga & Health.  She genuinely loves children, being mindful and wellness, and is so happy to be bringing all her joys together in yoga.

Aside from teaching, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, being by the water, great nutritious food, being in nature and the simple things in life.


Westchester, NY

Certification Level:
LFY Level 3

Ages Taught:
All ages

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