Practices to Build Resilience in Children with Linda Graham, MFT

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Please Note: This course ran live on 11/14, but we are extending registration for one day due to numerous inquiries for the recorded version. REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN THROUGH 11/16 AT NOON EST. You will receive the course content on Friday. Please email with questions. 

Learn practical body-based, mindfulness-based tools to strengthen the inner resources that allow children of all ages to “bounce back” from disappointments and difficulties, even disasters. Resilience is foundational to helping kids thrive in the world regardless of circumstances. 

Learn to teach:

  • "body-based practices to restore the nervous system to its natural baseline physiological equilibrium and the brain’s “range of resilience.”
  • mindful self-compassion practices that shift the functioning of the brain out of emotional reactivity and negativity into more openness and receptivity to learning.
  • exercises in self-awareness and self-acceptance that antidote the corrosive effects of shame – feeling unlovable or not good enough.
  • mindfulness practices that help children change every “should” to a “could” and shift from the limitations of a fixed mindset to the possibilities of a growth mindset.

Learning Objectives

  1. demonstrate three techniques that return the nervous system to a calm yet energized state.
  2. demonstrate three applications of the self-compassion break to help manage difficult emotions
  3. demonstrate three positive emotion practices that shift the functioning of the brain out of its negativity bias into more receptive, flexible, optimistic functioning
  4. demonstrate three ways to teach the “change every should to a could” practice
  5. identify three elements each of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset



Teacher Bio

Linda Graham, MFT is an experienced psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area and author of Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster and Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being. She integrates modern neuroscience, mindfulness practices, and relational psychology in her international trainings on resilience and well-being. She publishes weekly Resources for Recovering Resilience.

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