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This webinar is appropriate for educators of all kinds. It offers a practical approach to classroom management that transforms the notion of classroom challenges and breakdowns (that are a natural part of teaching and group learning) into opportunities to deepen connections and grow. The playful and compassionate strategies learned in this course will support you to pre-empt potential learning distractions by tapping into your star power as a teacher that brings forth the magic in your students, and by creating rich, relevant and student-centered content that is accessible to your kids.

Participants in the webinar will:

  • Re-vision and clarify an inspiring intention for your teaching that enhances student learning
  • Learn practices that empower students to listen, pay attention, stay engaged and learn
  • Explore compassionate and playful strategies for handling day-to-day classroom challenges
  • Learn best practices for establishing loving, trusting relationships between you and among your students
  • Explore strategies for creating safe classroom structure yet foster wonder, fun, and freedom in yourself and your students

Meet Your Trainer: Crystal McCreary

Crystal's yoga journey began after college while working as an elementary school teacher in Oakland, CA. After a long day with children, the rhythmic linking of breath with movement had the effect of quieting her over-stimulated mind. She began to observe herself with more clarity and to unearth with compassion many obstacles on the path to wellness. Yoga was an integral component in her self-care ritual during the completion of her M.F.A. in Acting and soon became a true soul mate. 

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