An Exploration of Secularism and Community Engagement When Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness In Public Schools

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As the school year begins and we have the priviledge of working with children from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, it is essential that we work to create inclusive and welcoming learning communities. An important part of this work, particularly in public schools, is a committment to secularism in our teaching, and to respecting the diverse religious and non-religious beliefs of our children and their families, both in priniciple and in practice.

Secularism maintains a separation beetween state and religious institutions and recognizes religious equlity before the law. Secularism invites students to bring their own belief system to the educational experience, and in teaching yoga and mindfulness we can meaningfully support students in this exploration without promoting any particular religious or spiritual beliefs.   

Join LFY founder Jennifer Cohen Harper, with special guest Catherine Cook-Cottone, Univerity of Buffalo Professor and founder of Yogis in Service, to discuss guiding questions to reflect on as you work to ensure secularity in your teaching, and create a welcoming environment where everyone can feel safe and included. 

***Recorded webinar will be made available to registered participants who are unable to join us live.

Meet Your Trainer: Jennifer Cohen Harper

Jennifer is the founder of LFY, and a leading voice in the children’s yoga and mindfulness community. She is the author of Little Flower Yoga for Kids: A Yoga and Mindfulness Program to Help Your Child Improve Attention and Emotional Balance, and the co-editor of Best Practices for Yoga in Schools. Jenn also serves as the board president of the Yoga Service Council, dedicated to making yoga accessible to all regardless of circumstance. Her work has been featured in prominent publications including the NY Times, International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and Yoga Journal, and endorsed by thought leaders including Daniel Siegel, Sharon Salzberg and Congressman Tim Ryan. 

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