Anxiety in Children & Adolescents: Yoga and Mindfulness Skills to Create Calm, Navigate Stress, and Restore Emotional Balance

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Do you work with children whose anxiety is overwhelming them, who shy away from participating in new activities or taking on challenges because they are afraid to fail … or you worry they’ll choose harmful coping mechanisms as they struggle with the stress of their lives? 

When children can’t cope, challenges become stressors, and anxiety replaces anticipation. Our kids can’t enjoy childhood to the fullest, their learning suffers, and their long-term resilience is compromised. 

Kids often get a message that their anxiety is something to get rid of or push away, but like all emotions our anxiety has a job to do. 

Join Mayuri Gonzalez, kids’ yoga and mindfulness expert, in this interactive seminar to discover how to teach our kids to better understand their own experience, and find effective ways to meet their needs and engage them in their lives from a place of personal power and agency. 

Your immediate takeaways will help your clients and students (Kids): 

  • Prepare for anxiety producing situations 
  • Navigate stress 
  • Reduce overwhelm and reactivity 
  • Participate fully in school and home 
  • Harness their capacity for self-compassion 

You’ll walk away with a new framework for relating to anxiety, along with concrete practices to help your clients and students learn to access their inner resources, calm their anxiety, transform their relationship to stress, and thrive even when life is challenging. 

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Continuing Education Hours: 6 hours of CE hours for Counselors, SWs, Psys, MFTs, OTs, SLPs, Educators, Nurses.

Student and group discounts are available. Click registration link for full details.

Meet Your Trainer: Mayuri Gonzalez

Mayuri Gonzalez is a nationally recognized presenter, trainer and instructor in mindfulness and children’s yoga. She has more than 25 years of experience practicing yoga and mindfulness, and provides therapeutic yoga classes to children and families as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness classes in schools and community centers. In her role as director of the School Yoga Project, Mayuri trains and mentors teachers, counselors and school support staff. She is a contributing author to Best Practices for Yoga in Schools, and a presenter for PESI, offering continuing education to educators and health care providers.  

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