Mindful Classrooms: Weaving Mindfulness and Yoga into the Busy School Day

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New curriculum initiatives, increasing class size and rigorous standards: classroom teachers balance numerous responsibilities. In the midst of multiple teaching demands, how can we bring mindfulness and yoga to ourselves and our students? And how can we do this in ways that are accessible, engaging and easy-to-implement?

This workshop will explore mindfulness-based practices that can be integrated into our busy classroom days in ways that give us MORE time and that support our students in finding greater calm, focus, self-awareness and connection.

Join veteran teacher, mindfulness educator and Little Flower Yoga faculty member, Liz Slade, for a rich inquiry into how mindfulness and yoga can be woven into the fabric of classroom life.

Calling upon her own classroom experience and the wisdom of numerous colleagues, Liz will offer insights and specific activities that can ground and settle our students, enrich the classroom day and provide deep inner resources for students and teachers alike. Explore the impact of teacher presence, pauses and pacing, developmentally appropriate mindfulness and yoga games, using small moments, mindful transitions, teaching into self-awareness, and building student ownership.

You will walk away from this webinar with a greater understanding of how to bring mindfulness and yoga alive in your classroom. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Utilize pausing and pacing to settle your classroom.
2. Understand the impact of teacher presence as a teaching tool.
3. Learn simple mindfulness and yoga activities for the classroom.
4. Understand ways of supporting self-awareness and responsible decision making.
5. Utilize small moments and mindful transitions.
6. Come away with list of resources for learning more.

Teacher Bio:

Liz Slade is a veteran classroom teacher, mindfulness educator, consultant and teacher-mentor. She has extensive experience in early childhood education, special education and general education classroom teaching. As a long-time teacher in the Mamaroneck, NY schools, Liz spearheaded a mindfulness and social emotional learning initiative that was rolled out in her own school in 2011 and subsequently became a district-wide endeavor. Retiring from the classroom in 2018, she teaches mindfulness and yoga to children and teachers, and provides consultation to a range of organizations with the goal of integrating mindfulness, yoga, and social and emotional learning within schools, communities and families. She remains affiliated with Mamaroneck as a coordinator and advisor to the district’s mindfulness and SEL initiative. She is passionate about exploring the ways that teachers and families bring this work to life in their own homes and classrooms, and to celebrating the voice of the classroom teacher. She holds certification as a Mindful Schools Instructor and is on the faculty of Little Flower Yoga. Liz is also a fiddler and square dance caller, with a special interest in using traditional dance to foster community.

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