• The Best Recipe for Healthy Kids (and adults)!

    This is my secret weapon as a Mom.  I feel like it’s my one sure proof method for keeping my kids healthy and I would love to share the wealth.  If you want your kids to stay healthy this fall and winter, please keep reading as it was a game-changer in our home!


    Like clockwork as mid-September hit we had ear infection after ear infection.  We were at the pediatrician’s office literally twice a week, every week for 6 months and I was sick of it.  Not to mention my poor kids w/ high fevers and no sleep since they were in constant and unbearable pain.


    Needless to say I read an article that offered tips to keeping your family healthy.  There were items like using turmeric and garlic in as many meals as you could, using epsom salt in baths and elderberry.


    I followed all of these things and began buying the elderberry concoction and low and behold the ear infections stopped!  Like a light switch everyone stayed healthy and not only that but they continued to be healthy all winter long.  If I heard a sniffle or congestion I would offer a little more of my amazing mixture!  


    Well, it turned out that the pre-made elderberry was a little pricy for our liking and I happened to find another article on how simple it was to make and so I gave it a go.  (you can purchase the pre-made elderberry at most local pharmacy’s or health-food stores and I put links below from Amazon).


    The recipe is not only easy, it’s less than half the price of the pre-made brands and you get quadruple the amount.  Special Note: It makes your house smell delicious and your kids will actually enjoy it - It tastes like raspberry juice!  Below is my recipe.  


    1 Cup Elderberry (you can get on Amazon for about $23 for 18oz, organic or $14 for non-organic)

    2 Cups Water

    1 Cup LOCAL Honey (has to be local or at least RAW honey)

    - - - -

    Boil elderberry and water (approx. 20 mins.)


    Add honey to the strained liquid

    Let cool and add to a dark bottle (like a peroxide bottle)

    - - - -


    Approximately 96 oz (or 3 quarts)!


    How to Use:

    Give 1-2 teaspoons per day

    When you feel as though a sickness is coming, use up to 4 teaspoons per day  (I gave 1 tsp in early am, 2nd mid am, 3rd before dinner, 4th after dinner).


    CLICK HERE FOR elderberry links that I use when making my own.


    Or if you want to purchase the pre-made CLICK HERE.


    Here’s to your health LFY readers!


    I’m Full of Love
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