• Singing Bowl Send Out

    After so many nice comments on the recent "Magic Singing Bowl" article, I thought you guys might like another activity that uses this simple but effective prop. I hope your students like it, and that you'll let us know how it goes if you give it a try.

    Singing Bowl Send Out:

    This meditative activity is done with a singing bowl, which you can get online or at any tibetan shop or store that sells meditation and yoga supplies. The children sit in a circle, and each child gets a turn to ring the singing bowl. As it is each child’s turn, they hold the bowl in front of their heart, close their eyes, and imagine filling that bowl with love until it is overflowing. Then, as they ring the bowl, they send that love out on the vibrations wherever they want the love to go. They can send it to a family member or friend or pet or someone they have never met before. We have used this activity often when there are events in the news, such as the earthquake in Haiti, that children are aware of but struggle to understand. It is also a great way for a child to send love to a person or even a pet who has passed away.

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