• Mindful Mondays: A Free Resource to Bring Mindfulness to Your School

    Working with  a small organization like Little Flower Yoga has been a refreshing and powerful experience.  After working in NYC schools in the Bronx for 14 years with tens of thousands of students and with hundreds of teacher colleagues in a huge bureaucracy, I can definitely say there are lots of reason why I love the simplicity of having a smaller team dedicated to one thing—to support yoga and mindfulness practices for educators and students.  

    And we’re doing it!  Last year, we served over 9,000 students in the NYC area alone and we trained thousands of educators and clinicians around the country, who in turn support mindfulness and yoga practices in their communities!  I am proud of the work we do and feel like I an fulfilling what I set out to do when I left the classroom.  

    Leaving the classrroom and my job as a teacher was one of the hardest choices I had to make (a pension and health benefits being a big part of it).  Leaving a tenured position at a job I found fulfilling felt irresponsible but sitting in stillness and turning to my practice allowed me to dream of ways I could have a greater impact on the school system itself.  I wanted to work with more educators and impact more students and I couldn’t  do that in the classroom.  

    I feel like I’m getting the chance to do that now in a very powerful and special way.  I’m extremely grateful for the privilege of meeting educators around the country and helping them start a personal practice to support the work they’re doing in their classroom.  I now get the opportunity to explore alongside school leaders ways mindfulness and yoga tools can support their community.  

    But the question of having greater impact is still one that I think of often.  One of the limitations of being part of a smaller organization is that we can’t always meet all school and community demands.  We have to be creative about the way we can support our current students and past participants and all the schools and educators who reach out to us.  We also want the resources to be as accessible as possible—that means we can’t take educators away from their responsibilities or take from their limited resources by asking for more of their time or to use even more of their income to pay for resources.  In that vein we have developed really affordable card decks,  workbooks, and webinars to support our educators and students who want to explore yoga and mindfulness. 

    Mindful Mondays is another ways we’re trying to support our schools.  

    Mindful Mondays is an initiative I helped start with the School Yoga Project to support schools worldwide in creating and sustaining a mindful culture and community. This program is a FREE resource for schools meant to foster a habit of mindfulness, grounded in simple and practical tools to encourage teachers, parents, clinicians, and students to practice mindfulness and engage in regular self-care and inquiry. 

    This program was designed for: 

    • Classroom teachers, clinicians, and administrators who want to support a personal mindfulness practice
    • Classroom teachers interested in including mindfulness-based practices and transitional tools in their classrooms to support self-awareness, learning readiness, social emotional learning initiatives, and positive classroom culture and climate. 
    • Parents interested in learning more about mindfulness and how it can support themselves and their children at home. 
    • And students by anchoring them to a mindfulness practice of the week. 

    When participants sign up, they’ll receive: 

    • A weekly email with suggestions for implementation, additional resources, and a program overview.  
    • Resources to help build awareness around mindfulness in schools. Some weeks will also include resources and links to downloadable student worksheets, and audio or video practice recordings.
    • Mindfulness tips for teachers, instructions for the practice of the week, and content that can be included in school newsletters, on social media, or shared in school or staff meetings, or assemblies.  
    • Access to past content through a personal login 

    Our intention for the program is to give educators the support needed to get a regular mindfulness practice established in their school, classroom, or home.  We hope this will help them start the week out grounded and inspired and keep the practice alive all week until the following Monday. 

    If you know someone who can use the support or if you’d like to participate, please click the following link.

    If you have suggestions or ideas about the Mindful Monday’s initiative or for other ideas on how the organization can support you or your school, please don’t hesitate to e-mail argos@littlefloweryoga.com. I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in anyway I can.


    Argos Gonzalez is a teacher, lecturer, and mindfulness and yoga instructor.  He has 14 years of experience teaching high school in the Bronx and teaches pre-service and in-service teachers at Hunter College School of Education in NY.  Argos is certified through both Mindful Schools and Little Flower Yoga (LFY), and currently serves as the director of professional development for The School Yoga Project, a program of LFY.

    For more information about Little Flower Yoga and The School Yoga Project, visit www.littlefloweryoga.com. Contact Argos by email at argos@littlefloweryoga.com

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