• Everyday is Great: A Guide to Practicing Almost Every Day Self-Care

    What is self care? 

    A self-care intro and an at-home-practice offering.

       Once a month I will be offering some easy at-home, self-care practices that can be used to create more self-love in your life.  And who doesn’t want more love in their life?  Self-care can be defined in many ways and can include many​different aspects and intensity levels.   Sometimes people  approach self-care as a type of tortuous “I have to” practice that ends up feeling more like a chore.  If  they skip, let’s say, an exercise class, they willstart to feel some guilt about it and maybe even some shame.  

        First of all, guilt has no place in a self-care practice.  Try to banish it immediately, even if the guilt feels real and necessary.  Let that piece go.  Self-care practices arise from a place of love and nothing else.  If you start approaching your self-care practice from a vantage point of no guilt, you can start to build a stronger, more -loving relationship with your self and your body. Self-care then will begin to feel natural and necessary.   With this sense, self-care becomes less about “how much” and “how often” and more about giving your self some time almost every day to be present with you.  What does this look like?  It looks different for every person.  However, one piece that must run through self-care like a thread is it has to be embodying.  An embodying practice is a practice that helps a person settle into their bodies and feel.  Embodiment practices can be as simple as a hand or foot massage, singing, stretching, or taking a bath.  I strongly support dancing around in your living space.  Whatever you do, lower the expectations surrounding it and enjoy it.  


    Self-Care Offering for July

        The following is an easy at-home care practice that I do almost every night.  It is a simple Ayurvedic massage that has been known to help calm the nerves and promote sleep.  


    You will need:
    - Some type of oil.  The best options are sunflower oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil. 

    - If you have some soothing essential oils at home, like lavender, you can add a drop.  


    What to do: 

    At night before you go to bed, take enough oil to cover 3 of your fingertips and rub both of your hands together.  Then begin to massage your ears in a circular motion.  The focus should be on your ear lobes, but also try exploring the cartilage part of your ear and the skin in back of and in front of your ears.  Do this for 30 seconds or however long you want.  Try to do this every night for a week.  Ask yourself after a week, “Do I want to continue to do this?”  If the answer is yes, keep it up when you can, and you will most likely get more sensitized to it and actually begin to crave it.  If the answer is “no,” drop it.  You know what your body needs.

    How to Start and Maintain an At-Home Yoga Practice
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