• Yoga Service Council

    Little Flower Yoga is one of the founding members of The Yoga Service Council, an organization dedicated to using the tools of yoga to foster joy, resilience, and well being in every person regardless of circumstance so that all communities can thrive. Our mission is to support individuals and organizations to best serve and empower their communities through yoga.

    As yoga, mindfulness and meditation continue to demonstrate the capacity to heal, inspire, reduce stress and improve health in widely diverse settings, the yoga community has come together to support the work of expanding access to these transformational practices.

    The Yoga Service Council was formed in 2009 at The Omega Institute by a group of organizations bringing yoga to underserved populations. As we worked to support each other, exchange ideas and envision the future, a collaboration was sparked that has made all of our efforts stronger and more intentional.

    Each year the membership of the YSC grows, and our capacity to serve grows with it. We meet every May through the generosity of Omega to exchange best practices, discuss how to expand access, and infuse our programs with renewed energy and inspiration.

    The mission of the YSC is to support individuals and organizations to best serve and empower their communities through yoga and mindfulness. Our members currently bring these practices to tens of thousands of people: veterans, trauma survivors, incarcerated adults and teens, cancer survivors, at-risk children, domestic violence survivors, but there are many millions more to serve.

    Through our collaboration we seek to support those on this path of service, so that we can all remain open, nonjudgmental, informed, educated, & self reflective in our work.

    Click Here to learn about the first annual Yoga Service Conference, being held in May 2012 at The Omega Institute.

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    Yoga Service Council
  • Jamaica Orphanage Project

    LFY Founder Jennifer Cohen Harper has had the amazing opportunity over the past few years to teach yoga at the Blossom Garden Children’s Home in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This facility houses from 60 to 80 infants and children at a time, and is one of many orphanages in the country. On each trip I am deeply affected by these beautiful and loving children who are lacking so many basic things such as shoes, cribs, sheets, school supplies and much, much more.

    Little Flower Yoga is now working with Children’s Network Corporation to fill a shipping container with brand new donated infant and child care products, including hundreds of much needed cribs! With the help of the Jamaica branch of the Rotary Club International we will be distributing the donated material according to need among Jamaica’s many orphanages.

    We have had a great response from manufacturers and retailers and have received substantial product donations. Check back soon to learn more about our experience delivering and distributing these materials, and for updates on the children at Blossom Garden.

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    Making Friends at the Yoga Service Conference
    Jamaica Orphanage Project
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