• Music for Yoga

    Little Flower Yoga has partnered with amazing singer and songwriter Celia Rose to develop our new collection of Children's Yoga Music!

    Celia is a truly wonderful spirit, who has been teaching socially minded songwriting workshops to children throughout the world as an ambassador for peace. She has worked with children in Africa, Haiti, Israel, France and the U.S. and has created 2 full length albums of material co-written with children. Each workshop takes less than two hours and culminates in an original song that is then recorded onto CD for the children to take home with them.

    Celia also has two albums of her own original material. She is currently studying for a masters degree in music composition at NYU. To listen to or purchase her albums please visit www.myspace.com/celiarosemusic.html. If you are interested in bringing a songwriting workshop to your school or organization, you can contact Nancy Kujawinski at 917.921.6044 or email celiarose@gmail.com.


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  • Haiti’s Child Friendly Spaces

    In June of 2010 LFY founder Jennifer Cohen Harper traveled to Haiti with the Life is Good Playmakers, as part of a group training 25 youth workers from AmurtHaiti, all leaders in developing what are called “Child Friendly Spaces”

    in tent cities around Port-au-Prince. The training was endlessly inspiring, and since then many wonderful developments have been made. Amurt currently operates 10 spaces that serve over 4000 children. They provide vital services that help keep these children smiling despite living among some of the worst devastation

    In August and January, The Life Is Good Playmakers Director, Steve Gross, traveled back to Haiti to check follow up with the crew and deliver supplies, including dozens of yoga mats donated from the NY community. Over the summer four of the original 25 trainees traveled to Boston to discuss strategies for spreading the work of the Gerye Jwa (Joy Warriors, as the group decided to name themselves) throughout Haiti. They also participated in a two day training with the Latino Health Institute to discuss a more structured psychosocial initiative for the CFS’s.

    In Haiti now, many of the child friendly spaces are transitioning to schools! Some are being used for preschool and others for afterschool programing. The original team that we trained is hard at work training other teachers in schools and community programs throughout PAP.

    Check back if you are interested, as we will keep this page current with any updates.

    If you would like to learn more about the Life is Good Playmakers or AmurtHaiti click on these links. They are both doing wonderful work!

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